Many Dell XPS M1330 owners have complained to us about problems with their laptops. These complaints
include: "My XPS M1330 wont power on / up, or cant power on or wont charge the battery". We have researched
this power up problem with the DELL XPS M1330 series and have developed a repair solution to offer to the public.

Please contact us for further repair details (pricing and turn around time)

Dell XPS M1330 DC Jack Does Not Charge Charging Battery Problem

The Dell XPS M1330 and ALL M1300 Sub Models may develop a problem where the AC / DC power
plug does not charge the battery while plgged in. Also, the system will not power on or charge the battery with the power
brick connected. The AC adapter is usually supplying the proper voltage in these cases when the problem
is present. This problem is a result of failed components on the motherboard. Please contact us for repair
pricing and turn around time.

Affected Models:

Dell© XPS M1330 and ALL XPS M1300 Sub-Models


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