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Laptop / General Repairs

AQSTECH's main focus is to offer the public our "developed repairs". These repairs can be found on the Developed Repairs page.

We also accept some standard "everyday" type repairs such as:

DC Jack Repair
LCD Backlight Repair
Broken Motherboard Connector Repair

BIOS Repair

We mainly focus on motherboard repairs with the exception of the LCD backlight service. Also, we tend to limit BGA repairs to widespread cases or already developed repairs.

We don't offer replacement:
Hard drives Screens Keyboards plastics Motherboards sub-boards

If you are suffering from or are aware of any manufacturer defects that are widespread, please contact us to let us know. We may be able to help you and develope a solution for the general public.

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BIOS Repair Programming

We have the ability to program the following embedded / SMT flash memory devices.

Serial SPI Flash
Parallel Flash

8 / 32 / 40 / 48 Pin, PLCC / TSOP / SOIC / BGA / FWH / 3v / 5v
All Surface Mount Embedded Chip Types.

Pre-Programmed Single Chip Sales

We do offer single chip sales for specific models. Please contact us for availability. We mainly supply these chips to service repair techs and facilities that have surface mount chip rework equipment.

BIOS Repair for the following:
Sony (All Models) Fujitsu: (All Models)
Toshiba(All Models) Samsung (All Models)
Dell (All Models) AsusTek (All Models)
Acer (All Models) HP / Compaq (All Models)

Most Makes / Models.
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We also provide firmware repair and recovery services for Hard Disk Drives, Audio and Video Equipment. Any device that incorporates firmware via Flash Memory.

Please Contact Us with your requirements.
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Micro Circuit Trace Welding

We have the ability to weld or "Fuse" the following types of circuit metals:

Tin Plated
Gold Plated

Why Weld Rather Than Solder?

Fusion is Stronger!
Increased Realiability
Multi-Rework The Same Site!
Precision Weld Down to 0.2mm
Please Contact US with your requierments

Micro Welding Applications

BGA Pad Repair

Micro Wire Applications
Laptop PCB / Logicboard
Automotive ABS Controllers
Medical Equipt. Repair

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