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Laptop "Developed Repairs"

Below is a list of developed repairs that we've been offering over the past few years. Some may still be current and others may not.

Sony Vaio

DC Power Jack Repair: (All Models)
VGN-S Series Video Problem (devlpd May/05)
PCG-GRX,GRV,GRZ Memory Slot Repair
Vaio PCG-K Series Backlight Repair
PCG-GRV Video Distortion Repair
PCG-GRX / GRV Backlight Repair
VGN-FS Boot Problem
PCG-FX BIOS Update Failure
VGN-FS No Power Repair
Vaio (all models) BIOS Repair
Vaio VGN-TX No Video Freeze Repair PCG-4F1L PCG-4F2L

Apple Macbook Pro

Macbook Pro 13" No Power No Video (devlpd Mar/09)



DELL DC Power Jack Repair (All Models)
Inspiron 5150 Pressure Shutdown
Inspiron 6000 Backlight Repair
Dell Inspiron 1720 No Power Repair
Dell XPS M1330 No Power Repair (devlpd Oct/09)
Dell XPS M1330 Battery Charge Problem Repair (devlpd Oct/09)
Dell (all models) BIOS Repair
Precision M70 D810 Nvidia FX1400 Repair (devlpd Jan/10)
Dell Inspiron 1525 AC Charging Problem

HP / Compaq

DC Power Jack (All Models)
DV4000 Palmrest Pressure Freeze Repair
HP/Compaq (all models) BIOS Repair


DC Power plug Jack Repair
T40/T41/T42 BGA Reflow Reball (devlpd Jun/07)

.... continued


Overheating (Shutdown) All Models
DC Power Jack Repair (all models)
Toshiba (all models) BIOS Repair

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