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Actual Photos of a Toshiba Satellite A215 / P205 BIOS Repair process. These photos show what is involved with a typical BIOS Recovery.

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Site Updated: 03-01-11
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Typical BIOS Repair Process

The following photos show whats involved with a typical BIOS recovery process. Certain steps take much longer than what is described here, but this should shed some light on real BIOS repair.

UUR or Unit Under Repair arrives for service. Only 1 UUR is processed at any given time, this is to eliminate any possibility of customer property being mistakenly misplaced.

UUR is disassembled to access the BIOS chip and EC chip. (Toshiba A215 in photo)


Once access to the BIOS chip and EC are gained, we move the UUR to the "Manual Soldering" station. This is where (in this A215 case) a test header that we've developed is mounted to the BIOS interface on the motherboard for programming manipulation purposes.



(Toshiba P205 shown) Here a TSOP BIOS EPROM is removed from the UUR's motherboard for clean up and programming preparation.

The P205's BIOS chip removed and ready for cleanup before programming (under microscope)

Step 4

Once the BIOS chip is removed or our test header is installed, the UUR is ready for initial programming. Here we read the original BIOS chip to save specific model DMI information. We also, program a generic code to the new chip for testing. This process may be done several times in order to reach a bootable code with all model info intact.

.... continued


During the BIOS and EC programming process the UUR is tested for functionality. Here the A215 board boots and is ready for test header removal and BIOS chip final installation


Final BIOS Chip Mounting (soldered) to the UUR's motherboard. This is after full testing has been completed. (P205 TSOP chip in photo)


UUR fully assembled and ready to be returned to the customer.