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Below are shop photos of a Sony Vaio VGN-6D1L or VGN-S260 BGA GPU video reflow repair process.

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Sony Vaio VGN-S260 Video BGA Repair Process Developed: May 2005

The following photos show whats involved with a Vaio VGN-6D2L / VGN-S260 video GPU BGA repair.

UUR or Unit Under Repair arrives for service. Only 1 UUR is processed at any given time, this is to eliminate any possibility of customer property being mistakenly misplaced.

UUR is disassembled to remove the systemboard.


The defect prone areas are inspected using a few different methods. One of which is show above, using a microscope video camera system, the "lifting" BGA solder spheres are evident.

The second method we use for defect verification is ICE or (In-circuit Emulation) where the ICE system runs various register comparison tests through the boards processor interface POD.

Above / below the ICE software fails the suspect ATI video GPU by testing the device registers and comparing them to a known good board that is stored in the software. .


The motherboard is then installed into the BGA Rework System for video chip GPU removal.

Step 5
Once the ATI GPU is removed the damaged areas under the GPU chip are then repaired. The ONLY reliable way to repair ANY damaged BGA pads is with fusion technology. We have developed a process of micro fusion technique that gives unsurpassed trace / pad bonding.

The ATI GPU is then cleaned prepared for reballing. This process includes baking the chip after the reballing process.

Above the Reballing process is complete, the chips are washed and baked.

.... continued


The GPU BGA is then mounted back onto the motherboard.

After the GPU is mounted to the motherboard, the board is then tested with the ICE system for verification.

Above the repaired board passes the ATI GPU register test procedure.

After the PCT test, the BGA GPU is then inspected with our Nicolet Real-Time X-Ray system.


UUR is mocked up for testing purposes before final assembly. We usually test repairs from 8 to 15 hours of run time.


The final assembled unit repaired and ready to return to the customer.

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