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Below are some helpful tips on sending in your Dell Studio One 19 / 1909 to us for BIOS repair.

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Helpful Tips on Shipping a Dell Studio One 1909 to us for a BIOS repair

This step by step detail is to help you remove the stand from the back of the Studio One 1909.

This will serve two purposes, #1 it will reduce some shipping weight and #2 it will allow the unit to be placed into a smaller box for shipping.

Place the system on something soft with the screen facing down.

Gently lift up around the edge of the plastic backing of the unit until it pops off and work your way around the whole back.



Gently lift the back of the unit off the chassis and place it somewhere safe.

Step 5

Locate the 4 screws that attach the stand assembly to the main body. Remove all 4 screws and place them somewhere safe.

Step 6

Next, with a fine tip screwdriver, gently pry up on the plastic lip of the stand's plastic cover.

.... continued


The photo below shows the stand separated from the main body of the unit.


Place a piece of thick cardboard over the screen and tape it to the main body of the system. Then wrap the whole unit in bubblewrap and place it in a box that is large enough to surround it with packing material.

Due to the size and weight of this model, we recommend that you include a return UPS shipping label in your box, but it's not mandatory.
If you don't include the return UPS label, we'll add the return shipping costs to your invoice.

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