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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions do not authorize you to send in your repair. Contact must be made with Joe Kabalan prior to sending in any repair.

By sending your laptop to Advanced Quality Systems LLC also known as AQSTech, AQS Computer Services and AQS you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions

Please understand the concept behind electronics repair. When any electronic device is sent in for any repair, the process of diagnosis and troubleshooting is unique in almost every case. Due to this fact, AQS cannot be liable for any unrepairable device that may be returned in a different electronic (not cosmetic) state that it arrived in.

Please understand, that your property is our highest priority. Cosmetic conditions and parts / accessories that are sent in with your repair will remain in the same condition as they were sent. The electrical function of your defective device may change upon return of an un-repairable unit due to the nature of electronic diagnosis and troubleshooting.

All warranty claims must arrive at the AQS facility before the end of the specified warranty period. The warranty period for all repairs starts on the date of your invoice.

Most repairs by AQS are covered under a 90 day warranty. In some cases 30 day warranties are offered. In some rare cases, Joe Kabalan may remove all warranties for any given repair as he sees fit. The customer will be notified of this modification of the warranty period prior to the repair being completed and the customer be charged for the repair.

If a warranty claim is made within the specific warranty period the customer will be responsible for return shipping charges of the laptop computer. Once the laptop has arrived at the AQS facility, the laptop will be reviewed and the proper action will be taken. If our original repair is found to be faulty we will reserve the right to repair the laptop again or conclude that it's not repairable if indeed it's not repairable. If the laptop is not repairable for whatever reason, 50% of the original repair charge will be credited back to the customer and AQS will pay for the return shipping charges of the laptop. If the laptop is repairable, the laptop will be repaired and AQS will pay for the return shipping charges of the laptop. If a laptop is returned to AQS and after review the current condition's source of the problem is NOT what AQS repaired previously and is a new fault, AQS will contact the customer and update them with the current new fault for authorization to repair, repair charges and the customer will be responsible for the return shipping charges. If the returned laptop has a new condition that is not repairable the customer will be responsible for the return shipping of the laptop and no refund will be issued. No return will be shipped to a 3rd party other than the original customer.

If any laptop repaired by AQS is taken to or sent to any other facility for the sole purpose of re-repair, inspection, probing and physical diagnosis, the AQS warranty is immediately void. If an AQS customer refuses to return any repaired laptop to AQS for review of a warranty claim, AQS cannot be liable for any warranty claim from that point forward.

If a bare motherboard is sent to AQS for repair, our warranty is not offered. This is due to the endless possibilities that are present during re-assembly of the laptop computer. Bare motherboards are NOT accepted for repair.

AQS will not pay for any return shipping on warranty claims to international customers.

BIOS Chips / Repairs:
There is no warranty and no returns on pre-programmed BIOS chips and BIOS repairs. This is due to the sensitive nature of the BIOS chip mounting procedure and the endless possibility of BIOS flash update failure that is initiated by the end user / customer.

In the event that a refund will be issued for a repair, the same method that the payment for the repair was made will be the method used for the refund. In the event of a cashiers check or money order was used, a company check will be issued. Shipping charges are not refundable.

Duty Fees For International Repairs:
AQS cannot and will not pay for any duty fees coming to or going out of our facility to areas outside of the United States. If Duty Fees are incurred they will be charged to the customer at the time of the repair to within 45 days after the repair. AQS reserves the right to charge the same payment type used for the repair to compensate for duty fees. This means, if duty fees are owed for your international repair and we don't receive a response from you, your credit card will be automatically charged the duty fees and you will receive a credit card charge statement explaining the charges.


DELL, Compaq, HP and Sony DC Jack Repairs:
Due to the high risk of potential damage to the DC jack of any computer our 90 day warranty on DC Jack repairs is limited. AQS will be limited to warranty responsibility in the event that a DC Jack repair should fail due to our workmanship of the repair. If a warranty claim is made within the 90 days period of a DC Jack repair, standard warranty claim procedures will apply. Once the laptop arrives at the AQS facility we will review and inspect the current fault or damage. If mis-use or abuse, such as a DC Jack being broken from the motherboard or signs of excessive pressure in any way was applied to the repaired DC Jack our warranty will not cover that damage and additional charges may apply. The DC Jack area of any motherboard is one of the most sensitive and prone to damage areas of the laptop. Knowing this, extreme caution should be taken after any DC Jack repair to ensure long term reliability. AQS does not design these motherboards and DC Jack combinations and AQS is limited to the OEM design strength and cannot be liable for poor design from the manufacturer.

Local Pickup and Drop Off

There is no local pickup or drop off at our Clarence, NY address.
If you are local to us, we can arrange a drop off at a local computer service center in North Tonawanda, NY. We have a daily courier that picks up and drops off from that location .

Late Payment and Non-pickups
If a payment or pickup for any repair is not made within 45 days of the completion of a repair or diagnosis of an un-repairable item, AQS will reserve the right to take possession of the property for re-sale to compensate for the balance due.