AQS Computer Services in Clarence, NY known for Sony, HP & Compaq manufacture defect solutions
has developed a solution for this Sony memory slot problem.

Currently AQS has repaired an estimated 600
complete (end user) Vaio models with this memory slot condition.

Please contact us for further repair details (pricing and turn around time)

Sony Vaio PCG GRX550 GRV GRZ FX Memory Slot No Boot Problem

The Sony Vaio PCG-GRX / GRV / GRZ / FX laptop computers may suffer from a no boot or no video
condition that is generally related to a failed memory slot or connector. Symptoms of this condition also
may result in random system freezing or a blank screen at start up. This memory DIMM slot problem is
not limited to any one model within the Vaio PCG GRX GRV GRZ FX series.

AQSTECH Developed This GRX GRV GRZ Memory Slot Solution in Aug 2003

Affected Models:
PCG-GRX550 / GRX560 / GRX570 / GRX580 / GRX590 / GRX 600 / GRX650


PCG-GRZ530 GRZ630 GRZ660 GRZ700
PCG-8L1L / PCG-8L3L / PCG-8L2L / PCG-8L1L

PCG-FX120 FX140 FX150 FX190 FX220 FX240 FX290
FX300 FX340 FX370 FX390

This memory slot problem has been documented throughout the internet
on various websites such as:


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