Sony Vaio VGN-FS500/FS600/FS700 No Boot Problem

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This solution was developed by AQSTECH March 2007

The following models are affected:

VGN-FS500 - VGN-FS600 - VGN-FS700 Series
VGN-FS520, VGN-FS530, VGN-FS540, VGN-FS550, VGN-FS570

VGN-FS610, VGN-FS615, VGN-FS620, VGN-FS625, VGN-FS635, VGN-FS640, VGN-FS645, VGN-FS650, VGN-FS655,
VGN-FS660, VGN-FS670, VGN-FS675, VGN-FS680

VGN-FS710, VGN-FS715, VGN-FS715, VGN-FS720, VGN-FS730, VGN-FS740, VGN-FS742, VGN-FS745, VGN-FS750,
VGN-FS755, VGN-FS760, VGN-FS770, VGN-FS780

AQS Computer Services in Tonawanda, NY known for Sony, HP & Compaq manufacture defect solutions
has developed a repair solution for this VGN-FS series video / boot problem. This repair is considered by us as
. a "Level 3" repair due to the complexity of the repair process.

Please contact us for further repair details (pricing and turn around time)

Anyone who has replaced their Sony Vaio motherboard due to this
condition and would like to sell their original faulty motherboard, please contact us.


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