About us

AQSTECH has been involved in the research and development of manufacturer defect solutions for over a decade.
Although we mainly specialize in offering our “developed” solutions to the public, we also accept more traditional “everyday” type failure repairs for laptop & notebook computers.

We played a major role in the Sony Vaio GRX / GRV / GRZ series memory connector failures from 2004 – 2006.

We also played a major role in the repair solution developed for the Sony Vaio S Series embedded video failure in 2006 – 2008

Our Techs have assisted in several class action law suits over the past few years.

In early 2005 we played a large role in the solution development for the widespread Dell 5150 “pressure shutdown” defect for hundreds of customers.

In 2006 we developed and offered a solution for the widespread Vaio FS series boot problem.