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The Wig Traveling Overview: Exactly How to Pack a Wig & Even More Tips

Exactly how to Pack and also Shop Wigs

The Wig Traveling Overview

When you’re brand-new to putting on wigs, finding out just how to load a wig and also traveling with your wigs can be challenging because there are so many things to consider. 

– What wig treatment items should you bring with you? 

– The amount of wigs should you bring? 

– Should you buy wig details to bring instance? 

– Is it even worth it to bring a wigon a journey? 

We spoke with our group of cosmetologists to answer these concerns in more to ensure that you can feel great packing a wig for your next trip. 

Q: Is discovering how to load a wig for a trip worth the hassle? 
A: Yes! 

The Wig Traveling Overview

Nowadays packing for a trip is everything about one point: suitcase effectiveness.With the ten sets of footwear, four daytime outfits, 4 nighttime attires, make-up, reviewing materials, and all the chargers that you need, finding an area for whatever can feel like playing a game of Tetris with too many blocks and a too-small bag. 

Packaging has ended up being such a difficult job that we’ve questioned, is it even worth bringing our wigs vacationing? 

If you ask us, it is! Pre-styled artificial wigs let you invest even more time doing things you appreciate vacationing – like laying on the beach and also alcohol consumption margaritas – and also much less time preparing. Not only that, wigs are light-weight, easy to put on, and also very easy to pack once you find out just how to do it. 

Q: The amount of wigs should I pack? 
A: As numerous wigs as styles you intend on putting on. 

The Wig Traveling Overview

Unless you’re a wig styling master, styling a wig on vacation can be a problem.

Bringing some additional wigs with different designs will not only conserve you styling time on your trip to make sure that you can spend more time with your family and friends, however it will additionally conserve you area in your bag because wigs use up much less room than hair dryers, curling irons, as well as designing products. 

Q: If I take a trip with my wig, will it obtain damage? 
A: Just if you do not load it correctly. 

When it involves fifty-pound carry-on bag weight limitations, wigs are a better option than the correcting irons, strike clothes dryers, and also human hair items most women require to bring when they take a trip because they’re so light-weight.

The trouble comes when people assume that because their wig is so lightweight, they can stuff it right into any location of their luggage like a set of extra socks. 
A well-constructed wig cap, like a lace-front or monofilament cap, is fairly delicate and can damage when it isn’t kept appropriately. 

Q: What do I need to pack for my wig? 
A: Hairnets, Hair Shampoo & Conditioner, Wig Brushes & Wig Stands. 

The Wig Traveling Overview


A hairnet is a beautiful tool to make use of when loading your wig since it can aid your wig to keep its shape in a lugging instance or while you’re using it on a lengthy flight. 

Keep in mind: hairnets can tear or break, so pack a couple of extras. 

Wig Shampoo & Conditioner.

Shampoos as well as conditioners created all-natural hair, can create real damages to wigs (yes, even human hair wigs and Remy hair wigs). 

It can be appealing not to pack your typical wig shampoo and conditioner for your journey and use the resort’s, yet you shouldn’t. 

Natural hair items leave behind considerable build-up, as well as you can not intensely wash out that build up if you’re putting on a wig. 

Besides, if you clean your wig with natural hair items one too many times, you run the risk of developing fears or harming the fibers of your wig hair. 

Wig Brushes. 

All-natural hair brushes can tear your wig cap or pull out the hairs. Use a wig brush to not cause damages to your wigs. 

Wig Stands. 

A mobile wig stand is your best friend when it pertains to traveling with wigs. A wig stand will certainly enable you to unload your wig and also let it ‘rest’ in its all-natural state. 

Do not have any room in your suitcase for a wig stand? Be imaginative. Utilize the resort ice container or a lampshade to prop up your wig (make sure not to switch on the light!). 

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